a luvly short message from a luvly friend

a luvly friends sent me this message… a luvly message too…

” every experience brings out something good, good times become memories, bad times becomes good lessons, u never lose… u only gain, from life, good afternoon.”

bukan tipikal short message yang berbunga-bunga. but he charges my energy with his simple and short message above.

he did not know what i’ve been going through my life lately. he has no idea at all. oh, come on… we just notice each other in maybe about the last 2 or 3 months (again, disoriented of time!) but i dunno what he thinks about me coz he choose those words to share it with me.

and it’s luvly. it really is.

i’m flattered.

and he lift my mood up.

thank you, dear. thank you so very much my dear friend 🙂 .

eventhough i dont understand when you were saying “just for the sake of our friendship i will change my religion.”

haha! i already explain about our difference and you choose that kind of solving. hm… i dunno what to say to you.

and friendship? what friendship? ours? our friendship? since when?


and in the end of our discussion, i have a feeling that you already made a decision about this belief matter. but i still have some guilty feeling er… no, not guilty feeling! i’m afraid that you will move to islam just because of me? oh, come on, me??!

but if you really do that, become one of my brother, er… it’s a blessing, rite? blessing for you, if only you have a better and stronger reason than only just because of me.

anyway, thank you for that nice and enlightment short message.

hopefully, you do that re-re-re-re-re-re-re-think about religion and belief matters.

whatever your decision is, we are friend, rite?

dont mess it up! 🙂

thank you.

have a great life in mindanao.


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