two way monologue

hai kamu,

do you know a song called ‘hey there Delilah’ sang by ‘plain white t’s’?

no, you don’t, really? googling, please…

found the lyrics? good! now read the lyric, please…

ring a bell?

hello, does it ring any kind of bells in your head?

no, it does not? oh my…no? really?

ouch! i should not get shocked ya?

since you are not kind of man-with-any-kind-of-bells-inside-the-brain!

so i do apologize for this shocking tone in my voice.

*bertahan 10 detik dengan muka datar dan suara sinis*



i wish i could say that.

byubye kamu, SMP-nya diterusin ya? WAJAR dan biar lebih pintar dan bisa ada bel di kepala kamu.



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