another how to


for a reason, i’ve decided to write a “how to sms/ym/talk/communicate with me.”

*in such a way that it is so important to read, talk, know by other!*


first of all, in a matter of urgency. and when you THINK that you need to talk to me DIRECTLY, A.S.A.P.

in that case, go a head, just dial my number.

if i did not respond.

DO: send me a short message telling me how important it is for me to pick up your phone. and it’s a wise way if you say what it is all about.

DONT: keep dialing and redialing!

why? i hate a “xx missed called” notification on my mobile! hate the most!

if i still did not give you any respond through a short message or call you back (that’s even better huh?!).

DO: you may call me again but please just DIAL and dont REDIAL my number!

DONT: waiting any longer and having a negative thinking.

why? it is possible that i am far away from my mobile. it is possible that i’m busy/sleeping/having another important thing to do which makes me unable to give you such a nice and lovely respond.

if afterall of this and i keep on silent,

DO: just explain all of it in a short message or send me an e-mail.


why? i told you, i hate missed called!

and definitely, i’m unreachable for you. in any way of reasons!

if i respond and tell you, “sorry, i’m busy. just send me an e-mail, ok?”

then do it! DONT REDIALING my number again! please, just give up!

it’s just a devilish me whose do that to you. and at this point, YOU MAY HAVE A BAD AND NEGATIVE THINKING ABOUT ME. i dont care.

just like that.

and as simple as that.

got the point?





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