Bloody hell!

please, don’t you ever dare read any books of “Cirque du freak”! oh, sorry, i already recommended that book? really? is it me? IS IT REAL ME WHO RECOMMENDED THOSE BOOK?! ugh!

it sucks! it really is.


it is often happened that i cried after finish reading a novel or watching a movie.

it is often happened that i have something in mind and have a serious think after reading a book.

it is rarely happened that i feel so angry, upset, curious, sad, “aha!” thought combined in my mind after reading a book or watching movie. it is very rarely happened for having a lot of feeling at a very same time like that.

but i feel it last night after finishing volume 9 of “Cirque du freak”.

oh my God!

baru kali itu aku bereaksi lompat-lompat bete plus gemes, dan teriak “sebel! sebel! sebeel!”


ok, ok, i’ll tell you in a short way.

this book, “Cirque du Freak; Darren Shan – Killers of the Dawn”, is still telling us about the hunting of Master of Vampaneze and as Mr. Destiny already told both of vampire and vampaneze that they will have opportunity to kill their enemy only in 4 chances. in volume 8, they already passed 2 chances, rite?

and yes, on this book the real Master of Vampaneze reveal (who is he?).

actually, since the first time when the concept of Master of Vampaneze and Darren Shan should fight appear, i accused one of its character who will reveal as the real Master of Vampaneze. but in volume 8, i have a doubt whether i accused a right character. while in volume 9, it is still on and off. sometimes it felt “yes! it should be him!” and sometimes it felt “er… it could not be him. it feels so wrong if it is him.” and reading volume 9, when i dig deeper, i was getting not sure more and more.

but in the end, yes! it’s him! *CHARNA’S GUTS!* 😦

in a beautiful way, Darren Shan was giving me hope that this volume will end happily but it is just a hallucination! *sigh*. he gave un unreal hope that the good side is always win, eventhough it is not over yet and he gave a phantasm that life could not be that cruel and worst by giving an end to one of nice and luvly character in that book, hiks… i hate it! why him!

but no, life is cruel, life could be that worst and yes, he killed one of the main character (why him?!) *CHARNA’S GUTS!* 😦

yes, he killed one of the main character without giving any substitution! well, the killing would not be this worst if at that time the good side win, at least i can think that the killing is a sacrifice, it’s worth it for a world peace. but no, it is for nothing at that time! why him?! 😦

yes, the killing for nothing, dead without gaining something good, that’s upset me so much! my emotion blended into undefined emotion ever! that makes me react so…er…funny(?) last night. *CHARNA’S GUTS!*


in the end, no matter how sad they are, no matter how upset i am, no matter how suck it is… we all know that there is still hope on it.

hey, volume 10 is available now and it is not “the end” yet.

will it end happily ever after? it doesn’t matter anymore for me since he killed my luvly character on volume 9, CHARNA’S GUTS!

so if you really like this kind of tension, if you really like this kind of emotion…yes, definitely it is highly oh, i mean super duper mega ultra highly recommended to read, a must-read-book-ever for you.

but if you don’t like it, then don’t!

by the way, do you know in which volume will i read and see “the end” mark?

i’m heading to volume 10, will it still far away from volume-that-has-“the end”-mark-on-the-last-page?

and still, why him?!

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