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Pinky and The Brain

ah, before i leave you and waving my hands, saying goodbye to you, let me give you this…


Pinky: “Gee, Brain, what are we going to do tonight?

Brain: “The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world!”

i definitely love Brain rather than Pinky. culas banget! tapi kalau tidak ada Pinky mungkin keculasan Brain tidak akan terlalu menonjol.

kangen sama pilem kartun ini 😐 .

so, see you dear…

just for a day, or two. well, ok, it may be four days.


phew! you know damn well that it is very hard to tell you that apparentlly i have to leave you for a while. hopefully it is not for weekly, or monthly, i wish it will be about daily and i will try to come back next week (AMEN!).

all of these things, some happenings, some accidents are killing me, slow but sure! so i need to focus and finish it one by one. it’s queue up like hell and i’m desperately need my extra hours, extra emotion to finish everything and that makes me able to decide to put you down for a while, please dont get mad, will you? (it is not a matter about whom i love and whom i care, i love you with all my heart definitely, but i need to do this.)

so, see you later. um… no! see you next week! because i dont want to fail geting over everything on the list well done before monday. wish me, ok?!

and by the way, he’s suck! rite? you know who he is. you know what i mean, rite?! if killing a person is something usual and legal, i definitely knows who’s the first on the line of my killing list (as if i’m a serial killer). 100% sure.

yes, it is you. *pointing my finger to you*