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a moment to remember : 2004

proyek eskapisme setelah one bloody hell weekend adalah salah satunya pilem ini 🙂

oh, shut up you guys who said it was a very ambiguous-too fast paced movie. it is great and i think not too fast paced movie for i took a slight concern that the writer did not want us to concern about the detail of how they fall in love and decided to get married.

the movie itself told about a lot of important things ya, forgiveness, love, sacrifice, acceptance, understanding, bla..bla..bla… 😀 . and yes, at first i thought the movie was going too fast (i did not read any review of it before) since i first thought it is about a love movie like always, a beautiful lady fall in love to a common earth man who has nothing. but unfortunately for me, it is not about a common love-romance movie like always, it’s not like a “Cinderella-kind of movie”, it was about a true love and even when you found that your true love having a disease called “alzheimer”, a disease that might cause her/him loosing all her/his memory about you, and still that common earth man take a full responsibility and did not let anyone to obstruct him from the effect.

even though, it was came a moment when the beautiful lady totally lost her memory about her marriage and still fantasize that she was married to her used-to-married-boyfriend-which-already-dumb-by-his-wife-right-after-he-dumb-the beautiful lady (confuse ha?!). and when she called her husband with her ex-boyfriend’s name and that lovely-common-earth-man only nod his head and cry when she did not notice him. uh, or… when she brought him some food for his lunch, and when he happily try to show it off to all his buddies, first box it’s rice, full of rice and then it come to the second box, taraaa… it’s rice too *sad*. (no, no! there is no third and fourth box!).

oh, ok… i’ll try to write more structurable yee 😀

Kim soo-jin (played by Son ye-jin) and Choi chol-soo (played by Jung woo-sung) meet in family mart. it’s a funny way of meeting our prince charming actually, with a bit of er…sendawa tuwh bahasa inggrisnya apa yak? no JAIM style at all, hihihihihi 😛 . Kim has just been left by her married boyfriend while Choi, i dunno, he just shown up by the cupid out of the blue 😀 . and yes, sparks are struck and everywhere but that is it, no one made a movement. either she nor he did not do anything to keep that flame burned until she finds out that Choi is a foreman in her father’s construction business (i really wonder, a foreman could be so handsome-cute-manly if it comes from abroad but here in Indonesia, a foreman? oh please!).

Choi is so rude, manly, and brusque but yes, he has those kind of righteousness sense.

and easily guess, they fall in love each other and Kim make her first act which is a good, nice and great decision to make, they become a lovely and nice couple *huray!*. at this point, i thought the story is over but wait, it is not a half of the timer yet, so what it is all about (it came to my mind on a first time 🙂 ).

they have showed a funny, romantic, and blithely ridiculous way of romance, i guess. with both of its character.

and what touches my heart is even though Choi is such a rude, manly, and brusque man ever, he shed a tears when it’s coming to the fact that Kim has Alzheimer. and no matter how neat, feminine, plainly organized Kim is, she shows us how ridiculous she could be 🙂 .

in the end, some people might said it is having an ambiguous ending but for me, it’s not ambiguous it’s just giving me an open ended. happiness might end in a unpredictable way, it needs some sacrifice, some willingness, a lot of love, a lot of time, and a lot of power to struggle in life.

that is it.

to be fair, A Moment to Remember is engaging enough for what it is, totally tearjerker like any korean movies :D. i do love the character of Choi, a manly, rude, brusque, righteousness sense, and with a heart full of love. (oh yeah, lovely shape of Choi! 😛 ) but i do remember and aware that Choi’s character was only available in cinema only, hehehehehhehe…

here comes the trailer 🙂

dan bonus video lagunya

enjoy the movie!

and please, prepare a lot, i mean A LOT! or A HUGE-MASSIVE of tissue, ok? or towel would be ok 😀 .

selamat merayakan proyek eskapisme ini 😛