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it’s pop up.

i’ve got a very interesting email this afternoon. just suddenly, *ping!* and then “1 new message” alert pop up on my window.

Hi there…

I’m Trisha. I’ve been reading around with my old inbox when saw your address. Well… actually not from you. I saw you at bottom of my friend email… you know, forward and forward.. And I do really curious about people down there and wanna know who they are ^_^. Well, making friends with new people around the world sounds exciting to me.

Umm…, You can see my profile here And, if you don’t mind, would you mind start make your profile too at same site with me? I hope I can see your profile at there too. And if you wanna chatting with me, you can contact me there… seriously…. ^_^

O..btw, I am very rare open my email. So.. Please dont be angry if I’m not answering you. Coz, I’m having fun too much chatting with people in my friend network, that’s why… Umm, You can join too. ^_^

interesting, kan?

betapa semakin cerdas dan semakin mantab jurus pancingan seperti ini kalau dibanding dulu.

kalau dulu, isi emailnya sangat S.T.D. sekali, dari first word saja sudah ketahuan iklan banget (sayang, inbox sudah bersih dari email-email beginian).

sekarang? embuh lah!

do i click and respond it? of kors not lah!

dan by the way, today is worse than yesterday. hihihihi…

*sibuk packing*

dan selamat Hari Rabu Kisanak. bagaimana harimu?