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+ ok, what do you learn today?

– lesson learned?

– just one simple-common-lesson.

+ and that is?

– God is funny. HE’s so funny for giving me a slap and makes me realize how funny my life was. yes, i just realize it today that it is so not worth it for me to regret and feel sorry for myself. and that’s funny, i guess.

+ yeah, it’s a simple-common-lesson. where have you been?

thank you for who ever you are for giving me those lesson.

bahwa in time, all i’ve got to do is open up my mind and brain to realize the good side of some things that i used to think in a bad and cynic way.

yes, at that time, i laughed.

it doesn’t mean that everything will be ok and we will start from the same exact point. no, i still hold that ignorant principle on you but this new idea, that funny thing, it makes me able to become a-nice-ignorant-person not a-cynic-ignorant-person.

and the way you behave, dont you understand, everything that you said and done just putting yourself on a weak-sadness-dark-fragile-teritory?

and i yelled, “horay!” *clapping hands*

oh, excuse my behavior, i just cant help it. hihihihihihihihi…

i’m a bad girl for laughing out loud and yelled, “horay!”? oh, as if there is nothing new about me.

a friend asked me,

+ in your journal, why do you always put yourself as a – side in every conversation? why don’t you be the + one?

– it’s simple, just because i see myself (mostly) as an ignorant-cynic-skeptic-person and that is – for me.

+ hm, i see. no matter what? eventhough you do realize that a lot of people having much more negative degree than you are?

– yes, no matter what.