ok, it’s my turn now.


so now it’s my turn to be in a spotlight, rite? no matter how much i hate this position and condition, rite?

and i can do is smile and waving my hands, rite? no complaining, rite?

oke deyh!

aku akan menikmati peran ini dan ketawa-ketiwi gag jelas.

i’ll hold my head up hight, holding this bouquet, smile, and waving my hand to all of you, and will say…

“thank you for all your kindness and this is such an important thing for me. thank you for giving me this beautiful chances for contributing in world peace. love you all, merci beaucoup.”


no matter how i hate being in a spotlight and having a lot of eyes staring at me and give me a huge attention.

one simple question siyh…

“for how long ya?”

and if i keep silent, do nothing except smile and waving my hand, will it stay longer or it will shorter? shorter ya? please…

and if i keep silent, will you still think that i’m okay with this attention? or you will cut it off? just dont you ever dare to think that i like and enjoy the situation that you brought me in.

yeah, okay… will do my best to enjoy without making this thing being bigger and worst for me.

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